nerdschatting black panther review

Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we sit down with our friend James (AKA Jimmy Bingers) and review the new MCU movie Black Panther!

Check the timestamps for non spolier and spoiler sections!

Straight onto the timestamps!

00:00:00 – Intro (Nate is poorly)
00:01:15 – Broken News
00:02:05 – Deadpool 2 trailer
00:11:19 – Venom teaser trailer and social media feedback on that trailer
00:16:44 – Joaquin Phoenix to play The Joker?
00:20:16 – Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League –
00:23:33 – Nerdscene
00:32:30 – Black Panther NON SPOILER REVIEW
00:35:30 – Black Panther SPOILER REVIEW
01:03:03 – The end of the show section

That’s the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and for tuning in. Your support means a lot to us.

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone. We’ll be back next week, maybe to talk Invincible.Black_Panther_review.jpg

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