nerdschatting tv reboots

Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we sit down and talk TV Reboots! Show’s that have been rebooted, shows and movies we want to see rebooted as shows, reboots that have been real bad…and more!

Check the timestamps for fun times!!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:18 – Broken News
00:01:38 – Get well soon Kevin Smith
00:03:52 – Jurassic World 3 greenlit (Ben talks weather and nothing matters)
00:07:28 – Joss is off Batgirl and Nate gets political
00:15:00 – Krypton reveals Brainiac
00:19:38 – Lost in Space Teaser

00:22:41 – Nerdscene

00:38:11 – TV Reboots

00:57:48 – Listener feedback on TV Reboots

01:05:35 – End of the show

That’s the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and for tuning in. Your support means a lot to us.

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone. Next week, Nate will be all on his own as Ben is away! DO NOT PITY HIM, WE’LL BE BACK.


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