nerdschatting annihilation review

Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we sit down and chat about the new Netflix movie, Annihilation.

Check the timestamps for fun times!!

00:00 – Check out our sponsor – Matt Young – MyOhMy Design – 

00:01:32 – Intro – how do you peel your banana?

00:03:00 – Broken News

00:04:06 – Tom Cruise for Hal Jordan?
00:08:00 – Shazan set photos again
00:12:31 – Star Wars TV series by Jon Favs and Nate gets on his high horse
00:20:36 – Ready Player one wows as SXSW (YAY!) but tracking to only do $35m? (OH NO!)

00:26:40 – Nerdscene

00:40:29 – This week’s topic – Annihilation review

01:10:39 – End of the show

That’s the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and for tuning in. Your support means a lot to us.

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone. We’ll be back next week to discuss…something else (not Lost in Space as it’s not out until April…!)


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