nerdschatting avengers infinity war trailer 2 review

Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we sit down and chat about the latest Avengers Infinity War trailer that set the world on FIRE!

Check the timestamps for fun times!!

00:00:00 – Intro – yes it’s weird, Nate calls in (sorry about the bad audio, Nate is under quarantine) and Ben is running proceedings! (Sorry for the swearing)

00:03:42 – Broken News

00:04:20 – New Justice League creative team
00:11:05 – No SPOILERS in the Venom movie..?
00:17:12 – Danny Boyle to direct Bond 25?
00:22:23 – DC are making a New Gods movie
00:28:57 – Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer
00:33:09 – Deadpool 2 trailer
00:38:45 – Sicario 2 trailer
00:43:52 – Corba Kai trailer

00:47:23 – Nerdscene

01:10:08 – This week’s topic – Avengers Infinity War trailer 2 – key trailer moments 

01:43:00 – End of the show (Look out for our Infinity War giveaway in April!)

That’s the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and for tuning in. Your support means a lot to us.

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone. We’ll be back next week to discuss…something else (The Uncanny Valley?)


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