nerdscahtting the road to infinity war mcu phase 1

Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we get on the “Road to Infinity War” with our chat about the MCU phase 1.

Check the timestamps for fun times!!

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:17 – Broken News
00:02:42 – Solo trailer 2
00:07:46 – The Meg trailer
00:14:05 – Star Trek Disco season 2 casts SPOILER
00:17:43 – Zoe Saldana vs acting elitists
00:26:44 – The Russo Brothers don’t want us to spoil Infinity War

00:35:30 – Nerdscene

00:43:45 – Infinity War competition – listen to discover how to enter!

00:49:18 – Road To Infinity War – MCU Phase 1 chat

00:52:50 – Iron Man
01:08:45 – Incredible Hulk
01:26:41 – Iron Man 2
01:37:52 – Thor
01:51:05 – Captain America: The First Avenger
02:05:06 – Avengers

02:20:50 – End of the show

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone. We’ll be back next week with MCU Phase 2 chat!


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