ASK US ANYTHING – We need your video/audio clips!

Guys – a request, if we may!

If you’ve already listened to our latest podcast you may have heard this already however….next week we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday as podcasters!! (even though our first birthday as nerdschatting is August 31st!)

So with that in mind, we’re asking for audio clips or videos from anyone that likes/listens to us with questions to for us!!

We’ll edit them into the podcast and you’ll be part of the celebrations!

Unfortunately, because we’re idiots, we’ve not given ourselves a lot of time as we’re recording on Monday 22nd in the evening!

So anything you can think of…ASK US ANYTHING!

Tweet it to us, DM us on Twitter or email

Thanks guys!!!



Casting Batgirl and the Bat Family

With the news that Joss Whedon is directing a Batgirl movie, on our latest podcast we cast Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood and Robin (Damian Wayne)…


Here you go!

ERW Batgirl

MV Nightwing

RM Red Robin

JGL Red Hood

DP DW Robin

Don’t like or understand our nerd casting choices for Batgirl and the Bat Family?

Listen to our latest podcast and let us convince you!

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