New Comic Book Day picks this week


New Comic Book Day Picks

Week commencing 4th September 2017

As comic book fans, Wednesday is never ‘Hump Day‘, it’s ‘New Comic Book Day‘…!!!

These are the titles I (Ben) am picking up this week:

Outcast #30

I won’t lie, this is probably this comics last chance to impress me. The last few issues have been a struggle and whilst the artwork by  Paul Azaceta has been incredibly atmospheric, the story has dragged somewhat. Come on Robert Kirkman, don’t let me down!

Champions #12

Champions has been one of three reasons I’ve stuck with Marvel comics. Mark Waid’s story of younger superheroes going their own way has been lovely to read. Artwork by Humberto Ramos has been consistently excellent. I’ve even tolerated the Secret Empire tie ins!

Daredevil #26

This comic is the second reason I’ve stuck with Marvel comics! I’ve enjoyed getting to know Daredevil again over the last 24 issues and still have 25 at home to read! Written by Charles Soule, who seems to have a great affinity with the character, with artwork by Ron Garney.

Green Lanterns #30

They’ve been building this comic up nicely over the past 29 issues, and I have a feeling that Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, the rookie Green Lanterns that make up the lead duo of this comic, will be very important come Rebirth revelations over the next year. Written by Sam Humphries, with artwork by  Carlo Barberi and  Brad Walker.

Batman #30

Tom Kings run on Batman, since taking the reins from Scott Snyder when Rebirth launched, has veered from being below par to really interesting. I’ve enjoyed the War of Jokes and Riddles – this appears to be an interlude edition. Artwork by Mikel janin, who does draw a great Dark Knight!

The Walking Dead #171

Always a highlight of New Comic Book Day, The Walking Dead reaches number 171. If Mr Kirkman is saving his better writing for this comicbook (and Invincible) then that’s OK with me because this is always an essential read. The story is taking us to new locales as well, which I won’t get into here for fear of spoilers. As always, the artwork by Charlie Adlard has to be seen to be believed, it’s that great.

Those are my picks, what are you getting?

Let me know what comics you’re picking up this week. I do a lot of forward planning by looking at – why not check it out? Also, thanks for taking the time to read this, hey maybe share it with a friend who likes comics?

If you’re interested, our new podcast should be going online on Wednesday, and it should be a discussion on the Movies, TV shows and Comic Books we’re looking forward to for Autumn/Winter 2017. That is unless some sort of massive news about something we’re interested in drops between now and then….maybe a new trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi…or an Avengers Infinity War trailer….or…something.

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